We look forward to bringing you beautiful and distinctive designs! Creating your design involves a simple process of meeting together, research and development, review, and production.

Design Process Infographic

To begin your design project, a meeting will be set up to collect your thoughts, ideas and wishes and to review your current designs. From there, several diverse designs will be presented for your selection of top choices. More of your preferences and direction will be sought to refine your design. Share your critiques at this point. Be honest! We are partners in honing in on your personalized and distinctive design.

A handful of more focused designs will be presented for a final selection. Further design tweaks and edits may be performed. The design process will then move into producing final formats. Lastly, you will receive your completed project. This may be printed brochures, launching a website, a logo in file formats you can disseminate, business cards to begin handing out, or other essential design products.

This process is not set in stone. It gives a framework that guides the process of how we will work together. Most importantly, the end outcome will be a design you are entirely pleased with.