Website Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, cheaper is not better. It is vitally important that your website avoids disrupting down-time, and that your sites pages load quickly. For small to medium sized businesses our shared hosting plans are a great way to combine quality and affordability.

What is Website Hosting?

Cloud technologies. Computer icon server. design elementThink of website hosting as your home address. This is where your website content resides. You cannot have a website without hosting. Hosting also provides some very helpful tools, such as email accounts and website templates.

Self Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

You have two options to host your website. Self Hosting allows you to take control, managing your own email accounts, updating content and plugins as needed, and working directly with the hosting provider when issues arise.

Managed Hosting provides everything provided in Self Hosting, but relies on our experience to manage your website for you, allowing you to be more hands off.

Really it comes down to personal preference. Back to the house analogy above, some people enjoy mowing the grass and some people hire it done. Both are great options if matching your personal needs and desires.

Managed Hosting Packages

Many clients prefer us to manage their website for them. With our managed hosting packages you get 99.9% guaranteed up-time for you website, along with our monthly maintenance services. This ensures that your website is being monitored and updated routinely, providing your end users with seamless continuity, and you with one less thing to worry about.

Self Hosting Options

We use and recommend A2 Hosting. We use them for our own site and their speed is super fast, plus their customer service has been superb. Their cPanel (think of it like your computer desktop and applications) is easy to navigate and use. Plus, their pricing is fantastic.

We have also used GoDaddy and Host Gator, other popular options, but have been disappointing by the quality of their service, especially regarding email and up-time.